The high tech world of fashion

The world of technology and fashion has interested me for quite a while now – we’ve moved well beyond the thermo-sensitive t-shirts that my friends and I used to wear in the 80’s (we were in our pre-teens, hence the fashion faux pas). With designers such as Diane Eng and her silk chiffon LED dress that creates instant glowing designs when it picks up sound from music and voices. To Amanda Parkes piezo black dress, that can store the energy created when our body move, so you can harness it later and charge up your cell phone.

Today, I spotted this new design idea – why not create your own jewellery just by speaking in a microphone! That’s what Cheng Xu thought, and has now made a pair of earrings from simply saying the words, “I love you”. The microphone is connected to a device that can push and bend the metal in relation to the sound wave produced when you speak. See more on the New Scientist website:


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