Science of Scent Video

Okay, I have now uploaded it so you can check out the video below. It’d be good to hear any feedback


4 responses to “Science of Scent Video

  1. brilliantly put together – with a great narrative thread. Great use of colour as well

  2. Really enjoyed the video especially the interview with Luca Turin and the diagrams showing how we may smell using vibration. Had just been reading an old book about Luca Turin and was wondering what he was doing now.

    • He is really into quantum biology and is currerntly at MIT. He was working on a DARPA funded project to create an “electronic nose”, not too sure if he is still doing that. However I recently got an email from him about his latest work – again it is in quantum biology…I think I’m correct in saying he has demonstrated that benzodiazepines don’t use the ‘lock and key’ mechanism when binding to GABA receptors. You can see his Google talk here:

  3. I met Luca Turin on a flight from Boston to Chicago, where he was invited to give a speech. My impression is he was looking for a new position. Still, quite the fascinating fellow, who really had no discernible scent himself, either good or bad. 🙂
    Very nice work on the video with great visuals and good information.

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