For the techies and fashionistas

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I like the amalgamation of fashion and technology. Therefore, when I heard Diane Eng was going to be at this year’s CES I was pretty excited and sent a quick tweet to let others know.

Unfortunately, I was in Boston and unable to jet off to Las Vegas to attend the fashion show. However, I did manage to find this video with some of her designs along with others who are just as creative in the world of fashion-tech.

One of the designs which was not shown in this video but was showcased pretty much cemented the death of the boombox: the  MP3 interactive t-shirt –  you just slot your SD card in the t-shirt and with a speaker embedded in the front, off you go for the rest of the world to listen to your favourite tunes with you.

The area of fashion and tech doesn’t start and stop with hardwiring techie components into designs. Last year Dr Manel Torres from Imperial College London showcased 10 years of hardwork in the Science in Fashion show.

Dr Torres has created a collection of spray-on haute couture with his creation Fabrican Spray-on Fabric. Taking inspiration from textiles such as felt which binds fibres together without the use of weaving, Torres in collaboration with Professor Paul Luckham has created a material composed of short fibres and plastic. A solvent helps deliver the material in a liquid form onto the body before evaporating, leaving only the material to harden.

New Scientist have a good interview with him and reveal more about the material.

Fabrican Spray-on Fabric not only offers personalised fashion: other applications include the automotive, medical, hygiene and design industries.


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