The silkworm has got me talking…

I know I have been quiet of late – sorry and hopefully you are keeping track of what’s on my mind via twitter. Anyway, I saw a story on the NY Times website and wanted to post a quick link to it, “The Reinvention of Silk”.

It is just another great example of how materials found in nature are amazing! If you liked my post “The beauty of nature”, you will certainly like this article all about silk – not spiders but silkworms silk which can be produced in great quantities. Scientists are exploring silk-based materials in biomedical applications such as biosensors and tissue engineered blood vessels.

One of the leading researchers in this area is Dr David Kaplan at Tufts University. Below is an image of a silkworm cocoon spun in his lab.

Credit: David Kaplan, Tufts University


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