Hidden Engineering Connections in Lux Items

So what happens when you put some iconic luxury brands into a 3D medical imaging scanner? Well, you get some amazing, semi-transparent images that reveal some interesting engineering connections!

This x-ray image of the classic Christian Louboutin stiletto reveals the metal structure at the heart of the interior design. Interestingly, the metal used in quality high heels was originally patented for the aircraft industry after the second world war.

Below is the inside of a $9000 Hermès saddle. This innovative design was patented by Hermès in 2010 and in the below x-ray “you’ll learn that the saddle’s structure is formed from light carbon fiber, and its padding uses the same memory foam technology as high-end beds, which give the saddle the effect of being instantly “broken.””

These are just two of the images found in this 13 piece exhibition created by  LuxInside art collective.


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